The first day i met Peter was, without doubt, the start of the rest if my life.
Coming from many years of abuse, stress and trauma while browsing Facebook three years ago “Peter Matthew” showed up a suggested page to follow. I pressed that button.

Nothing could possibly have prepared me for the change that was about to happen in my life.

In my first visit Peter connected with my father in the spirit world. Having this incredible connection with my beloved father is the absolute back bone I need to sort my life.

At this stage Peter feels that he knows my Dad personally !!! The lack of stress and pressure in my life is a whole new way of life for me.

  • I have attended many reading with Peter.
  • Peter has called to my home and done a blessing/cleansing of the house on two separate occasions.
  • Peter has also come to my home and did readings for a group of my friends – it was a huge success.
  • And …. When you think things just couldn’t get any better …. I attended Peter’s room recently for a “Spiritual Healing”. This was the most amazing experience of my life.

Peter is so genuine and real. His willingness to share the incredible gift is the testament to the wonderful person he is.
Without doubt my life and that of my three children has totally turned around. We are happy content and excited and about our future. This is all down to Peter and his incredible connection with my wonderful Dad in the spirit world.
Thank you Peter for sharing your gift.
Brenda Burke

Hi, just wanted to send on a testimonial that you may like to add to your website. Thanks for your healing. Antoinette.

Peter, I had a reading with you twice. One spiritual reading and one personal reading. I was absolutely blown away, each time. You have an incredible gift and I for one, am so grateful our paths crossed. I was nervous about getting a reading, but as soon as I met you, I knew there was nothing to be nervous about. I got so much healing and spiritual healing from both readings, I just want to thank you sincerely.

A. Cork.

Hi guys just wanted to say a huge thanks to Peter for coming to Tralee all my friends have been so happy since meeting with him . You always give so much peace. God Bless you best of luck in Denmark .

What an experience!!!! My friends and I were blown away by Peters gift and not only is he a brilliant medium, he is such a genuine, sincere guy too. It was an emotionally charged day for some of the girls who were looking to reconnect with loved ones who have passed on and although plenty tissues were used each girl was smiling afterwards and complimented Peter on his ability to deal with such delicate matters in a compassionate and gentle manner. It was very healing and in many ways a transformational day for all of us. It was an absolute honour and pleasure to have him in Cobh and he’s welcome anytime.


Hi Peter, I just wanted to say a most sincere thank you from us as a family.  Your readings on Tuesday night were fantastic & we are still talking to each other about them & getting great comfort.  You are such a lovely person & your gift is truly amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Clodagh, Glanmire

Went to see Peter Matthew today – only one word: amazing !!!! shall be goin again !!!!


Peter, Thank you so much for meeting me while I was home from America in June it truly made my trip. I was blown away by how accurate you were especially with my grandparents. The passion and gift you have is so real and honest. I feel so lucky that you come into my life and my family. We are truly blessed to know the one and only Peter Matthew. I tell everyone here in the US all about you, one in a million.

Sincere Gratitude Silex

Peter, Thank you so much for your help this week. You have an amazing gift. Without me saying anything you were able to tell me what was wrong and you helped me to ease a lot of the hurt and sadness that I have been carrying since the loss of two very important people in my life. You helped me gain some clarity about the next step I have to take and for that I am eternally grateful. I know I will be seeing you again in the future. Until then I wish you and your family every health and happiness!

From Lisa Co. Cork

Thank you so much, Nic really enjoyed her session today. She has heard from me and various healer friends of mine of what you told her today, but she so did not want to know it until now. She has so much more of an understanding about herself and her gift. She has never been so open in front of me about things that happen for her so I guess it has opened up a whole new journey for us together which is wonderful. We talked about it on the way home. Thanks again so much, it has taken me a long time to come to this day with Nic and I always knew it would happen when the time was right and the right person was put in her path.

From Marian

I had a meeting with you in north Cork and just wanted to say that I found it amazing and I have drawn so much strength from all we spoke about. You put me totally at ease and gave me such a calming feeling and I am so glad that this happened at that particular time in my life. Your reading for me was truly welcome and I know it is what each individual may take from it, but for me each and everything we spoke about held so much significance in my life. I wanted to thank you for giving me so much strength and feeling of good will as I felt surrounded by a lot of negativity in my life.

Again Thank You so much Peter. Paula, North Cork

Just a note to thank you so much for your reading. It was amazingly accurate. I can’t believe the things you were able to tell me about my life. You have an amazing talent. It brought tears to my family’s eyes to hear about our grandma but in a good way. It was the most satisfying experience I have ever had. My future I must wait for but the information you gave me about my past is so accurate. The detail you told me from the spirits just blew my mind, it was an experience I will never forget. There is no other word to describe you but amazing. Thank you sooo much!!

Sincere regards, Rosarie

Thank you so much for your time the other night. Your readings for myself and my wife were so detailed and accurate. We have taken great courage and hope from what you told us. Hope to keep contact, it was such a pleasure to have you in our home. Keep up the good work, kind regards.

Paul & Carmel Cork.

Just a quick thank you from Marie and myself for the reading today. We took a lot from it and we had a lot of things acknowledged in our lives from loved ones that have passed over which have had positive effects on us both. We hope to get the chance to work with you in the near future so that we can develop our spiritual sides and grow as people. Thanks for your time today, we really appreciate it. I was also able to validate a lot of the things you said to me with my mother afterwards which was nice: the last thing you said before I left was that there had been an industrial accident with machinery which later my mother confirmed that my grandfather (Cornelius) had got his hand caught in a machine in the place where he worked. Thanks again.

Con & Marie Mahon

Amazing!! The detail he gave without asking me any questions left me amazed. Information he told me came to light almost immediately after leaving him! I will definitely be visiting again.

Rachel, Cork.

The detail he gave was shocking during the medium reading was incredibly precise and accurate.

Eileen, Cork.

Oh my god, is all I can say. You have blown me away with your reading, thank you so much you have giving me closure, love to you and your family. I always knew my brother James was around me and what you told me, no-one would have known that. Wow thanks, thanks so much.

Sarah J, Roscommon

Well since I met you, I feel much more balanced in myself and being able to connect with the other side has given me more peace than I ever thought possible. Thanks again. Hope our paths cross again.

Sheila, Cork

I’ve been meaning to thank you so much for your trip to Drogheda. Everyone was pleased with their readings. Everything you said meant something to someone – it is so hard to believe how good you are.
We wish you the best of luck. Keep up the good work.

Tutlu T

Thank you so much for your reading you gave me, it was great, I felt so good the next day. The work you do is a inspiration.

Thanks again. Shirley

Thank you for your reading yesterday – I was the woman in the yellow jacket. I’m still puzzling over some of the comments you made, but will let you know if they fall into place! So much of your reading was entirely accurate and I feel comforted that all is and WILL be well! I did act upon one of your suggestions and made a tentative approach towards the person I lost contact with – I will let you know if it works!


This is Linda here, I am going to do a special needs course starting soon and it is all thanks to you and your briliant reading.  You have got me back on track,Thank you.


I had a reading in Bantry 20/08/09. I would like to say thank you again to Peter for sharing his gift. Thank you. Welsh warmth.


Thanks for todays reading, very helpful.

Kind regards Bernadette

Just want to say thank you for the lovely reading in Durrus last night. Here’s hoping all your predictions come true! I will let you know when they do!

Thanks again, Margaret

Christine here I got 2 readings from Peter and they were very accurate and helped a lot in what I asked for and also didn’t know at that time. Peter you are very inspiring and helping and honest, it was a great experience to be in contact and having to know such a brilliant psychic and person.

Best wishes, Christine

I have to say that that Peter’s experience as a psychic and medium are second to none. He is also very honest and loyal – Peter did a medium experience on me that only further proved what I already knew, that there is life after death. He is very gifted in his field.

Best wishes, Martini, Cork

Thank you for you amazing reading last week in Bantry. You told me things that only my mother would know. I am delighted to think she is beside me always guiding me and taking care of me. It give me great comfort. Hopefully I will pursue my path in life.

Regards Geraldine

I thank you ever so much for your time and reading it gave me a great feeling. I would love to visit you some day again. Bye for now.


I really think you are a very special person, one in a million. I got a lot of people to visit you and they all had something very good to say about you thanks very much for your reading.



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