What is a ‘Psychic’?

A ‘Psychic’ is someone who has a remarkably developed 6th sense & intuition.  Often know as an ‘intuitive’.  There is so much to the subject & it is explored in much greater depth on ‘links’ on this site. Science’s exploration into ‘energy’ has provided many answers on how Psychic energy really works, to a point, in fact, that Science & Spirituality can almost happily coexist now. Massive research in disciplines like  Quantum Physics & Mechanics have shone new light on how ‘energy’ & ‘supernatural’ phenomenon can be explained in an entirely scientific manner & it operates & goes a long way to ‘proving’ that this is far from a subjective matter.  In fact, it is highly scientific as more & more people are beginning to realise.  The divide between the two disciplines becomes reduced yearly with more insights & research.

What is ‘Psychic Power’?

Psychic Power is simply the ability to step out of limited experience into a broader view.  It is the ability to tap into the larger truth all around you; to sense a different energy. All people have a 6th sense about things.  However there are people with highly evolved sense of this and with development a practicing Psychic will get an intuitive ‘hit’ most of the time.  Trust is an integral part of this development.  A Psychic will trust the information coming to them.  They use the Psychic ‘hits’.  They ‘pay attention’.  Then they act on what they ‘know’.  They won’t let their intellect talk them out of it or fear pulls them away from it.   A Psychic learns the more they act on their intuition fearlessness the more it serves them.

There are 3 basic rules of Psychic Phenomena that allows us to understand how Psychic Power works.
1.     All thought is energy
2.    All things are in motion
3.    All time is now.

Why are Psychic Mediums different to us?

Psychics are people who have opened themselves to the experiences these phenomena produce; vibrations, sometimes formed as pictures in the mind, sometimes through a thought in the form of a word.   The Psychic becomes adept at feeling these energies.  This isn’t easy at first as these energies are very light, very fleeting, & very subtle.   Like a flicker of an image at the corner of an eye that you swore was there, but when you look head on, is gone.  Was it there at all?

That’s the question a beginning psychic is always asking.  The accomplished Psychic like Peter Matthew never asks because to ask the question sends the message away.  Asking the question engages the mind & that’s the last thing the psychic wants to do.  Intuition dose not reside in the mind.  To be psychic you’ve got to be out of your mind (sober of course).  Intuition resides in the psyche.  In the soul.  Intuition is the ear of the soul.

The soul is the only instrument sensitive enough to ‘pick up’ life’s faintest vibrations to ‘feel’ these energies, to sense these waves in the field and to interpret them.  You have 6 senses.  They are your sense of smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing &…..knowing.

How does it work really?

Every time a person has a thought, it sends off energy.  It is energy.  The soul of the psychic picks up that energy.  The true Psychic will not stop to interpret it but will probably just blurt out what the energy feels like. That’s how a psychic can tell you what you are thinking.  Every feeling you have or had resides in your soul.  Your soul is the sum total of all your feelings.  It is the repository.  Even though it may have been years since you’ve stored them there.  A Psychic who is truly open can ‘feel’ these ‘feelings’ here & now.   That’s how a Psychic can tell you about the past.  Tomorrow does not exist yet.  All things are occurring right now.  Every occurrence sends off a wave of energy, prints an indelible picture on the cosmos.  The Psychic sees, or feels, the picture of ‘tomorrow’ as if it is happening right now – which it is.  That is how some psychics can tell the ‘future’.

How does a Psychic see or picture the future?

Physiologically?  The Psychic, through the act of intense focusing, is sending out an actual sub molecular component of himself.  His/Her ‘thought’ (energy) leaves the body, zings out into space & goes far enough, fast enough, to be able to turn around and ‘see’ from a distance the ‘now’ you have not yet experienced.  This happens ‘naturally’ with a Psychic. This is what the Psychic experiences as the ‘gift’. The Psychic, having absorbed the energy of the image gained from focusing, zings back to the Psychic’s body, bringing the energy with it.  The ‘Psychic’ gets a picture, or feels a felling & tries very hard not to do any processing of the data, but simply & instantly describes it.  The Psychic has learned not to question what he is ‘thinking’ or suddenly ‘seeing or ‘feeling’ but merely to allow it to ‘come through’ as untouched as possible.  Weeks later, if the event pictured or ‘felt’ actually occurs, the psychic is called clairvoyant – which of course is true.

Can a Psychic really tell the Future?’

The Psychic has not as such ‘predicted the future’, but merely offered a glimpse of one of the ‘possible possibilities’ observed. It is always the client of the psychic reading who has made the choice.  The client can just as easily make another choice, a choice not in concert with the ‘prediction’.   A ‘true’ Psychic will always tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can ‘choose again’ & change any outcome.

How do I know a ‘Psychic’ is Authentic?

In every walk of life there are areas of concern.  As with all disciplines, spiritual disciplines included, it is wise to inform oneself of as many aspects of the discipline before engaging with it.  Some ‘Professional Psychics’ who are seeking only to enrich themselves often promise to do things with their ‘Psychic Power’ – ‘return a lost lover’, ‘bring wealth & fame’, even help you loose weight!  They promise they can do all this but of course only for a predictably high fee.  They’ll even do a ‘reading’ on another person, your boss, you lover, a friend – & tell you all about them.  They may say, ‘bring me something, a scarf, a picture, a sample of their handwriting’.  And they can tell you about the other.  Often quite a bit.  Because everyone leaves a trace, a ‘psychic fingerprint’ & energy trail. And a true sensitive can feel this.  But a ‘sincere’ sensitive will never ever offer to cause another to back to you, get a person to change his mind or create any result whatsoever with her physic power.  A true Psychic – one who has given his/her life to the development & use of this spiritual gift knows that another’s free will is never to be tampered with, and that another’s thoughts are never to be invaded, & that another’s psychic space is never to be violated.  An authentic Psychic always avoids imposing his/her will upon another.  They are there only to serve.

What is a ‘Medium’ as opposed to’ Psychic’?

If someone from ‘the other side’, the spirit world, has something they want you to know, they’ll find a way to cause you to know it.  The Aunt, the Uncle, the brother, the sister, the father, the mother, the spouse & lover who have passed on, are continuing with their own journey experiencing complete joy, moving toward total understanding. If part of what they want to do is come back to you – to see how you are, to bring you awareness that they’re all right, whatever – trust that they will do that.  Then watch for the sign & catch it.  Don’t dismiss it as your imagination, ‘wishful thinking’ or coincidence.  Watch for the message & receive it. However, often our minds & intellect prevent the sign from being recognised or explain it away if it does.  Often someone will invoke the help of a ‘Medium’ (who is often also psychic) who is the ‘open channel’ to which our passed loved ones can rely on their message.

What do Spirits wish to communicate? Is it dangerous?

There can be urgency for spirits to continually remind us of who we are, which is spirit also. We are not alone & are not to fear death. This can be very comforting to those parties who have lost someone special, or who have become stuck in the grieving process & find it difficult to move forward.  Often people who are ‘in crisis’ or ‘stuck’ in this life can receive ‘guidance’ on how to progress their life in a private reading with a genuine Psychic/Medium.  Spirits are often anxious to help alleviate suffering, especially if someones suffering is due to their passing.  They wish to pass on comfort & assurance that they are well, in fact more than well.  Happy & on another part of their journey. That they will watch us, wait for us, & lend us the strenght they give to us in spirit.  And when our time on earth is at an end, they will come back for us, deliver us home with safety & without fear.

Is it dangerous?  Virtually everything is ‘dangerous’ if abused or approached with malevolence, negativity, ignorance & fear.  Yet there really is nothing to be afraid of.  Loved ones are never far from you.  Never more than a thought away & will always be there if you need them, ready to counsel, comfort or advice.   Often they seize the opportunity with a Medium to provide comfort to those they love, & you will feel their comforting presence if you are really open to it.   So often it is helpful to use a Medium to communicate with beings out of the body.  Much depends on the Psychic or Medium or Psychic Medium (in Peter Matthew’s case) & their motivation.  If they approach the spiritual exercise with love, empathy & healing, who is there to help, & asks nothing of himself/herself except what is needed to continue their good work, then you probably have found the right Psychic Medium.

Why do Psychic Mediums charge if they have a ‘gift’?

A full time Psychic Medium has to charge for time; it is not practical or appropriate for people to work for free.  Free services like this are often abused particularly if the Psychic Medium is depending only on donation.  Many people despite an excellent reading will not contribute.  So a reasonable fee is set to ensure they can continue to work after all they are human, with families & have the same financial demands.  However, the balance is met when the Medium receives compensation without anyone taking advantage of any one.  When choosing your Medium, look to see who is truly serving the world, truly seeking to share wisdom & knowledge, insight & understanding, caring & compassion.   For these are the Bringers of Light.  Often Psychic Mediums do free service for people in crisis or in tragedy situations.  They just don’t broadcast the fact.

If someone refuses to work in this way or to do any kind of work without ‘high compensation or gifts; run, don’t walk, the other way. Often those people are in it just for the money.  And in those instances you will not get what you went for. And often wish to get you ‘hooked’ into returning time & time again for weeks or months or even years, as they play on your need or desire for comfort & contact with the Spirit world.  A sense of freedom, safety, relief & healing should be part of the experience with a Psychic Medium.   A referral from a person who has been to a Psychic Medium is often a really good place to start.  Peter has many such referrals every day.  Please see client ‘testimonials’

All psychic readings and consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, or professional advice.