The next generation beginners mentorship

Designed to meet the needs of the developing medium. We will be looking towards your development and potential of becoming a working medium.

This course is to help you understand the mechanics of mediumship & understanding the power & presence of the spirit world, during this course you will begin to understand & heal yourself, recognise your energy & the energy of the spirit world, to understand & get to know your spirit team & how they connect & work with you, this is where you begin to understand & build a eternal relationship with the spiritual realm & your power……
During the course of the year you will be required to participate in all tasks and homework , you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and 100% commitment is a must.

This course is for those that want to develop there potential as a psychic medium and with the highest respect for the spirit world . You will be required to be able to take criticism . This course is limited to 10 spaces.

  • Weekend 1 – Sept 18th/19th
  • Weekend 2 – Oct 16th/17th
  • Weekend 3 – Nov 20th/21st
  • Weekend 4 – Dec 18th/19th
  • Weekend 5 – Jan 22nd/23rd
  • Weekend 6 – Feb 26th/27th

There may be extra days between where you will be required to meet with Peter or duties or tasks that may have to be done

Thank you in advance.

Any further questions & booking please text Mel on 0858021442 or email Mel at

Intermediate Mentorship –

Harness the power within……
& become the inspirational light that you all ready are.
Advanced Mentorship programme.
Not suitable for beginners.
This will be fun,loving but also challenging,
taking you out of your comfort zone.

Full certifiable on completion of all programme only…
This is 7 month module.
One weekend a month for 7 months.
Duration August 2021-February 2022.
This will be a personally mentored programme by Peter Matthew to meet each individual mediums needs to over come negative recurring patterns of self doubt and self destructive sabotaging of oneself.this programme is designed to help you to enable and grow closer to the god power within,finding the love and peace within is the main ingredient to owning and reclaiming your power. leaving behind the fear that holds you back. close assessment by Peter at all times.
This will enable you to move towards becoming a professional medium.
Please know the learning never stops.
I looking forward to you joining me,as we grow together and harness the god power within…

For details & to book please text Mel on 0858021442 or email

  • Aug – 7th/8th
  • Sep – 4th/5th
  • Oct – 2nd/3rd
  • Nov – 6th /7th
  • Dec – 10th/11th
  • Jan – 8th/9th
  • Feb -19th/20th

Peter Matthew