What Services does Peter provide?

Peter uses a combination of techniques to help him get a good picture of what a client needs whether at a private reading or with a ‘live’ audience.  Every person is different & so the connection with Peter & consequently the connection to the Spirit world can be established in different forms.  For example in a private reading Peter would use one of all of the following techniques to give the best possible spiritual experience for the client.

Spiritual Work

Peter is a Spiritual Medium with Psychic abilities. Peter can sense and connect with spirit & facilitate a communication with your loved ones who have passed on.  Mediumship is a deeply Spiritual practice & should only be used with a deeply Spiritual person.  Someone who uses this gift with respect & a deep understanding of the discipline.  This work can be very healing & Peter facilitates much healing in private readings.


Peter uses cards to help enhance a Spiritual connection & experience with a person.  Peter can read normal playing cards through a technique called Cartomancy. This allows him to tune into people & provide an accurate reading. In addition to this he also performs angel card readings as a means of divination.  This is an increasingly popular Spiritual ‘Technique’.  It can be very valuable in helping a person to progress a situation in which they find themselves stuck.  Many Psychotherapists also use such techniques to help a client to access their ‘Sub Conscious Mind’ to try to help  problem solve & come up with answers.  The human ‘Sub Conscious’ & ‘Soul’ are closely linked in the Spiritual world, so when we ask a question of the Subconscious Mind the answer is provided through techniques like Hypnosis, Relaxation, Meditation, or Card Reading.  Cartomancy is profoundly accurate & informative.  For those who find it hard to grasp, card reading is a spiritual practice, with messages from our Guides, Angels & loved ones, and people can comfort themselves by knowing that they are at least working with their own subconscious mind to help problem solve.  There need be no conflict within a person using such techniques to help progress a situation whether from a Psychological or Spiritual point of view.  For many it can be a profound ‘Spiritual’ experience.  Our Guides & Angels believe in us even if we don’t believe in them.  Sometimes we don’t need to know how it works – it just works.

Spiritual Cleansing

Moving home can be one of the most stressful & challenging experiences in anyone’s lifetime.  Often people would like to ‘clear’ & ‘clean’ their new environment.  And of course we do, by physically cleaning the house preparing it for ourselves & family.  However, most people feel that this transition needs a more profound cleansing.  This has often taking the form of a ‘House Blessing’ by a priest in the past.  Now people are more open to other Spiritual Practices & ask for Spiritual Cleansing to free any lingering energy in the area, or spirit activity & release them back into the light.  Perhaps it is just to mark the beginning of a new chapter in a family life & they would like to mark it with a Spiritual ritual to encourage new positive experiences in the environment.  Alternatively, Peter will spiritually cleanse your existing home in order to banish any negativity you may be experiencing.  This is very beneficial after divorce, or any challenging experiences that took place in the home over a period of time.

Spiritual Healing

If you suffer from troubled health, Peter can channel his healing energies to assist healing process through the form of Spiritual Healing.  Often when we are ill our own energy is very low.  It is difficult to think positively when we are feeling pain or sickness.  Sometimes we need a ‘boost’ to kick start our own natural healing process.  Peter can channel wonderful healing energy to an ill person.  This energy comes from Source, God, as most people believe.  There is an abundant-endless supply of this healing energy in the universe & some people (like Peter) naturally know how to pass this onto people who are in need of such healing.  In Spiritual work it’s all about energy.  The only differences are in the techniques used that appeal to different people to connect with that energy.  Medium Psychic energy is a wonderful way to do this.

In many scientific research projects, it has been demonstrated time & time again that focusing positive intention (energy) & light to a particular group of people who are suffering ill health has shown improvement over the control group every time.  There is no debate on that subject.  Research continues in this field.  This feeds back into the research into the field of Quantum mechanics & Psychic where particles (tiny) have been moved only because a person ‘focused’ on the particles. Also, those particular particles are part of each other, they operate in a matrix of wholeness.  If you focus on one particle & change it, its counterpart in another environment will simulate the same effects.  This demonstrates that distance healing is also a very real phenomenon.  This ties in with ‘Prayer’.  But ‘Prayer’ is & must be positive prayer.  Peter uses ‘positive’ energy to focus on the ill person to raise their energy levels & give them the required healing. People can do this all the time for themselves. However, when we are low this can be challenging & so using a Medium can be very beneficial.  Our Links area is a repository of useful links if you are interested in expanding your awareness of Spiritual Sciences.

All psychic readings and consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, or professional advice.