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Author Topic: Spirit Phenomenon is much more Common than you think
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Post Spirit Phenomenon is much more Common than you think
on: January 17, 2012, 14:23

Hi Folks

Peter here. Did you know that Spirit activity is alot more common that you think. So many people have extra ordinary experiences every day, but becuase its not the 'norm' then many don't speak about it. They often fear it. Or they fear negative psychic activity. It is my believe (and its only my opinion) that the dead can't harm us. In the vast majority of cases our Spirit friends are actually trying to help & protect us. Sometimes they like to warn us. Often they present just to tell you that they are ok, and not to feel so sad & guilty.

They often have specific message for people. This will come across in most private readings. We have to keep in mind that Spirits vibrate at a much higher frequency so most people are not able to see them or feel them. Spirit then will often find an 'open channell' to try to get the message across.

People who are sensitive or vibrate at high energy (spiritual) will often have spiritual experiences. Often our logic will try to deny those experiences becuase we are very conditioned not to have them. We often explain them away becuase it doesn't make sense in the normal run of the day or perhaps becuase we are afraid.

But Spirit activity is become more prevalent. This is becuase there is a 'speeding up' of consciousness. A shift in energy on earth. It is no accident that peoples interest & confidenct in traditional models of religion are breaking down & there is a huge revival & interest in the paranormal.

People are beginning to seek a new way of expressing their Spirituality & development. Our Spirit friends are delighted to assist in this enlightenment process.

Often it can be a lonely road as not everyone particularly family will be resistent to this & think you have now gone a bit batty. But to follow your own 'inner guide' is always the right thing to do.

I'd love to hear more of your experiences. Ireland has been a difficult place to discuss this openly in past years but that is changing now. People are opening up. so please feel free to express those experiences, thoughts & opinions on this forum.

Your 'Spirit Journey has just begun'

love & light

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Post Re: Spirit Phenomenon is much more Common than you think
on: February 9, 2012, 20:15

Hi Peter,

I love this post. I think there is alot of energy building around 'supernatural phenomenon'. Even if you look at the TV Guide. Its all supernational content. From Psychic Mediums, to Ghost Whisperers, to Vampires. I think peoples fasination with the supernatural is now widespread & thankfully people feel free to explore all aspects of it. I do think alot of the stuff on TV is just sensationalism. True Spirit practice is much more subtle & profound. I don't think Spirit 'performs' for TV so most of it is made up.

However, its great people feel they can move into Spirit Practices now with more freedom than ever. And that not all strange events should not be explained away by the rational mind. After all Psychic Mediums have been used by the US Government since the 1970's. They recognise this energy. And if thats all they admit to, I can only imagine the real inroads & information they really do have around this Spiritual practice.

I'd love to hear more about peoples Spirit Experiences.......


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