TRANCE & HEALING with Simone Key

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th November, 2016

This two-day course is suitable for all levels of development and is designed especially for you to experience the trance states. Together, we will be looking at Trance Speaking and Trance Healing, as well as other aspects of Healing.

We will also be experiencing contact, distant and absent Healing, looking at their definitions and differences.

I believe that Trance & Healing go hand-in-hand and that all mediumship should come from a healing perspective. My aim is to help you achieve a closer blending with the spirit world to help you advance in your trance development through service to others.

Trance & Healing are very refined aspects of mediumship, which can influence your spirituality, as well as your messages in mediumship.

If you are willing to push away those boundaries of limitation, please join me for what should be an exciting and different course.

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Trance and Healing
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