Spiritual Palmistry

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May 2015 at Between Two Worlds Spiritual Centre, Sallybrook, Glanmire

Most of us want to know our spiritual path, yet ascertaining what this actually is is far from simple. Fortunately, modern palm reading can reveal the nature of our spirituality, the development of intuition, our karmic and fixed qualities, as well as the extent of our free will and potential for evolvement.

Using simple techniques, and in particular, by using the chakras as they are reflected on the palm, you’ll learn how to offer astounding spiritual insight into your own nature and that of other people.

Over the weekend you will learn everything you need to know to analyse the hand to gain insight into many apsects of spirituality & awareness.

No previous experience of palmistry necessary.

Facilitated by ‘the UK’s leading palm reader,’ Johnny Fincham